The Abell Foundation


The Abell Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Baltimore and Maryland. It also allocates a portion of its investment portfolio to direct investments in innovative technologies and early-stage companies that have exceptional social, environmental and economic return potential, including energy efficiency and alternate energy.

When The Abell Foundation was inaugurated half a century ago, Chairman Harry C. Black and the founding board members set an agenda that allocated grants for schools, hospitals, and human service organizations reaching out to the disadvantaged in the Baltimore community and the region.

In the past two decades, Abell has sharpened its focus to address complex challenges to break through the cycles of urban poverty. Today, the Foundation places the highest priority on creating solutions that are both innovative and will ensure accountability. This is the commitment of The Abell Foundation: to give hope by opening the doors of opportunity to the disenfranchised, knowing that no community can succeed and thrive if those who live on the margins are not included.

Abell has a track record of helping innovative technologies achieve commercial success.  Prior early stage investments include two companies that advanced to initial public offerings (Guilford Pharmaceuticals and Visicu) and four private dispositions of emerging technology companies.  In addition to OTI, Abell’s current portfolio includes PAICE Corporation, which developed a hybrid vehicle technology now patented to both Toyota and Ford.  PAICE has been ranked one of the two most dominant hybrid vehicle technologies.

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