OTEC International LLC

In 2000, The Abell Foundation acquired an exclusive license to the OTEC technology developed over decades by Sea Solar Power’s J. Hilbert Anderson and his son James Anderson.  In 2001, Abell established a limited liability company, OTEC International LLC, with the mission to bring OTEC technology to commercial market. Bringing the economical, renewable energy solution of ocean thermal energy conversion to developed and emerging markets is important to both OTI and Abell.

Since it set up its OTEC operation, Abell has invested tens of millions of dollars and countless hours to develop a cost effective design and to secure power purchase off-take agreements for our first commercial projects. A team of world class companies with expertise in naval architecture, marine engineering, power plant engineering and operations, environmental permitting and financial analysis has been assembled to design and develop the commercially viable OTEC power facility. The OTI team is made up of more than 30 contractual employees and has two company officers.

An innovative small business, OTI has not relied on volatile support of government funding.  Our money is on the line. We are focused, efficient and results oriented.