Eileen M. O’Rourke, President, OTEC International LLC, and Treasurer, The Abell Foundation, Inc.
EMOEileen has been involved in OTEC for more than a dozen years, starting with Abell's exclusive license of the Anderson technology in 1999 to her current executive role of this important investment. Eileen has more than 30 years of leadership experience in finance, business management, strategic planning, and operational excellence, including fifteen years managing direct investments in early stage companies and in providing innovative financing solutions to support social mission activities. As Treasurer of Abell, Eileen is responsible for negotiating and managing direct investments including deal structuring, board level review and oversight, and active collaboration with management teams to advance commercialization of technologies. Results-driven and team-oriented, she negotiates and monitors loans, guarantees and other financial arrangements in program-related non-profit projects and is also responsible for investment implementation and performance monitoring of portfolios.
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Barry R. Cole, Executive VP and Director of Technology Development, OTEC International LLC
BRCBarry has more than 35 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, production and operations, research and development, quality and program management, with nearly 30 of them at a senior level.  He has assembled and led teams on large ($5M to $1.5B) and diverse projects in government and industry.  At his current post, Barry leads a world-class team of contractors from various fields of expertise and manages all aspects of cost, schedule and technical performance of a multi-billion dollar OTEC technology commercialization program.
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