On The Wires

OTEC project for Cayman makes baby steps - October 29, 2015—It has been more than a year since Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (‘OTEC Cayman’) announced ambitious plans to build a floating power platform off North Side.  The platform would use warm surface water and deep cold water to … Continue reading

New power proposal initiated in 2011 agreement - September 18, 2015—The proposed electrical plant that could revolutionize Caribbean energy sources is the next step in a four-year discussion. Earlier this month, Cayman Oceanic Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) International Ltd released a statement outlining a proposal with the Caribbean … Continue reading

CUC in talks with OTEC for new electrical plant - September 15, 2015—The Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) has confirmed that it is currently in talks to potentially enter into a power purchase agreement with Cayman Oceanic Thermal Energy Conversion(OTEC) International Ltd, a privately financed developer of hydrothermal systems to provide the … Continue reading

Offshore Wind Biz on ABS Validation of OTI’s FPP - March 11, 2015—ABS has granted approval in principle (AIP) to Maryland-based OTEC International LLC (OTI) for its 5–7 megawatt ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) Floating Power Plant (FPP). The FPP is designed to generate consistent electrical power for a commercial … Continue reading

ABS on Floating OTEC Power Plant - ABS Grants Approval in Principle for Floating OTEC Electric Power Generation Plant    ABS works with designers on innovative solutions that adapt to changing global energy demands (Houston, March 10, 2015) ABS, the leading provider of classification services to the global … Continue reading

Floating power plant would reduce reliance on fossil fuels - Cayman Compass—October 1, 2014—A floating power station using the solar energy stored in Grand Cayman’s warm tropical waters could provide the first firm renewable energy supply capable of replacing diesel generators on the island, according to documents setting out the … Continue reading