The Bahamas

With access to both warm ocean surface water and deep cold water, The Bahamas features excellent operating conditions for OTEC with a number of attractive sites offering near-shore, deep-ocean conditions.

OTEC International is exploring multiple projects for The Bahamas—first, we are proposing a small Floating Power Platform (FPP), located offshore, but not as far from shore as larger commercial plants. This smaller production facility would provide up to 5-megawatts (MW) of baseload power to small island communities (Family Islands) and provide near-shore access to showcase the commercial viability of an OTEC platform. This compact plant can be built and delivered in approximately half the time as OTI’s 25-MW or larger projects.

This FPP model could be used for units up to 7.5-MW average annual net output to power smaller commercial markets. For these smaller units, a sea-going FPP is the best vessel design to support and protect the bulky OTEC machinery while enabling personnel access. The power platform would be oversized in relation to the plant, allowing full-size components of OTEC International’s technology to be used for power generation.

The smaller, barge-based Floating Power Platform is ideal for The Bahamas, as it will remain moored onsite during most hurricane scenarios. The FPP mooring system has been designed to withstand the most severe storms based on historical records and with safety in mind. If extreme hurricane conditions are expected, the plant is configured in a way that allows the barge to be detached from the mooring lines and piping and towed into safe harbor. The FPP would be returned to site after the storm passes.

OTEC International’s model offers The Bahamas a number of benefits: lower power costs, predictable rates, scalable solutions, ownership and investment opportunities, and employment and training opportunities.

Over time, OTEC can provide The Bahamas with a substantial amount of economical, environmentally sound energy that leads to increased energy security.